DJ Restless, a new concept in the RAW Hardstyle scene. A passionate young talent who will literally do anything to get the most out of his career.

Arno Nieuwhart, better known as DJ Restless, first saw the light of day on August 10th of 1995. He discovered his passion at a rather early age. He wanted to make music! As a youngster he already developed a feeling for rhythm even before he could read and write, and has been busy with music ever since. Arno has definitely left his parents with head- and earache while developing his talent. But he wouldn’t let that spoil the fun and certainly not his desire to succeed.

In 2009, the real work started for Arno. Under his first alias ” New-Hard ”, Arno was taught by Bart van Halder, also known as DJ The Tempest. With some small bookings in local clubs and cafes, and with Bart’s lessons, Arno gained the necessary experience, which in turn resulted in a DJ who became a household name in the local scene.

A little later, Arno started streaming his livesets on Facebook. This was so well received that his streams were viewed throughout the Netherlands and even across the borders. Having found his way upwards, all his hard work was finally rewarded with his first big gig. On May 6th of 2017, Arno was booked under his alias New-Hard on Voltage in Alkmaar.

After this event, Arno decided to choose a new path. The name ” New-Hard ” had to be tighter, innovative and more catchy. After a brainstorm session, with a great dose of creativity accompanied by a lot of restlessness, the name Restless was born.